Delgado Travel Agency, Serving New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Ecuador

Delgado Travel Agency

For more than four decades, Delgado Travel Agency has helped community members stay connected to their homes. A family-run company, Delgado Travel Agency offers a wide range of services to its customers, including money transfers, travel bookings, international phone calls, currency exchange, and courier services. The company operates offices in New York City, Jersey City, Chicago, and many other locations, each of which maintains the highest dedication to customer service. To keep individuals connected to their home countries, Delgado Travel also offers newspapers. The company imports several different newspapers from Ecuador and makes them available to individuals the next day for a low cost. In addition, the company maintains its own radio station for members of the Ecuadorian community in New York and New Jersey. Active in supporting the community, the company donates hundreds of toys to children in need in Jackson Heights, New York, during the holidays and contributes to organizations like the Red Cross and the Wounded Warrior Project. The company also supports senior centers in Queens and Brooklyn.